How a HandPan is Tuned - The SPB

If you’ve ever been curious about the tuning process of a Hang/HandPan, you’ll want to take a look at the latest video (at time of writing) uploaded by ‘Victor Levinson’, maker of the community-named ‘SPB’, the Russian-made Hang-reminiscent HandPan.

At just over five minutes long, this video offers the first real video insight into how one of the more ‘established’ HandPan are made. Or at least tuned. As we watch Victor hammer away at the dome of an SPB, and tenderly test each note with his fingers, painstakingly creating the tone fields that will eventually give birth to its beautiful sound.
Presumably recorded at his workshop in Saint Petersburg, Russia, this video is a must-watch for anybody with a love of all things HandPan, and especially so, for those hatching plans to attempt building their own.


You can catch more videos uploaded by Victor over at Youtube: HERE.
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