Soniccouture's 'Pan Drum' Sample Pack - Hang Drum, HandPan, and Steel Tongue Drum Combined

If you were/are a fan of Soniccouture’s original ‘Hang Drum’ sample pack, featuring 2.4GB of awesome PANArt Hang samples, you’ll be very happy to hear of Soniccouture’s new release. ‘Pan Drums’. That like the original release also features some amazing Hang samples. But then goes one (or two) steps further. By teaming up the Hang, with a Halo HandPan, and, a Rockcreek Steel Tongue Drum. To create the ultimate sample pack for any fan of this new wave of singing steel percussion instruments (at least, perhaps, until their next release).
If you’re here hunting for a sample pack like this one, you’re almost defiantly already aware of what the Hang drum is (Or, using its correct name, the ‘PANArt Hang’). But what about the other two featured instruments.

The Halo

Produced by ‘Pantheon Steel’, the Halo, is an American made HandPan, that in recent years, has quickly become almost as in demand as the original PANArt Hang. With final sales prices on Halo sold on eBay reflecting this fact, with secondhand Halo now selling for almost the same as the Hang. Not a direct copy of the Hang, but certainly influenced by it, the Halo is a little larger than the Hang, and it has a deeper, more bass heavy singing voice.
Read more about Pantheon Steel's Halo: HERE.
Rockcreek Steel Tongue Drum
Made by ‘Rockcreek Steel Drums’ (strangely enough), the Rockcreek steel tongue drum is a slit/tongue style drum of the type often referred to as ‘Hank Drums’. Made from a steel tank with tuned tongues of different sizes cut into its surface, these types of instruments were originally created as a cheaper alternative to the HandPan style instruments, for those unable to afford, or obtain one. But have since found many fans of their own particular sound, under their own merits.
Read more about Rockcreek Steel Tongue Drums: HERE.
Soniccouture’s Pan Drum sample pack specifications:
  • 7.25 GB core sample library (3.4GB on disc with NCW lossless compression).
  • 24 bit 44.1Khz stereo sampling - 5097 samples.

  • 6 original Kontakt Player instruments:
  1. Hang Drum Mk1 in F.
  2. Hang Drum Mk2 in D.
  3. Halo Drum in C.
  4. Halo Drum in B.
  5. Rock Creek Tongue Drums, pair, (“double seconds” chromatic).
Find more details, and/or purchase the Soniccouture Pan Drum sample pack: HERE.
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