The New Inspired Ambient Orchestra - Lost in Clouds

I stumbled across these guys last night, and as far as I’m concerned, they’re an interesting find. Because while there is now a considerable library of CD’s and digital downloads available for purchase, by the likes of Manu Delago, and the Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys, all featuring the PANArt Hang at their center. There really hasn’t (at the time of writing) been a whole lot put out there, showcasing the musical capabilities of some of our other favorite Handpans, and steel tongue drums.

Founded by Klaus Rädisch, with fellow musician Enrico Rode. And also featuring Gamma Bogoduch, and Afshin Mahrouzadeh. The New Inspired Ambient Orchestra, showcases such instruments as the Caisa, the
Zen Tambour, the HAPI Drum, and a Rockcreek Tongue Drum, within their mix. Along with the likes of the sitar, gongs, and the bodhrán. To create, as their name suggests, an inspired ambient orchestral masterpiece, of epic proportions. With their recent release: ‘Lost in Clouds’.

Priced at only $6.99 (at time of writing), and featuring eleven tracks, including, and finishing with, the awesome track ‘Sun Dance’, that shows off some awesome Zen Tambour skills. This is a beautiful album, and a must have for any fan of the new steel percussion.

You can preview and/or purchase The New Inspired Ambient Orchestra’s album, Lost in Clouds: HERE
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