The Official PANArt Website - An Archive of the Hang

If you’ve arrived at this page looking for the official PANArt website, as run by the Swiss makers of the Hang. You’ll be disappointed to learn that ‘technically’, they don’t have one. And that the website they once ran, no longer exists.


However, using the power of the ‘Wayback Machine’, a website that allows users to view archived websites, and essentially view the Internet ‘The way it once was’. At numerous points in history. We're able to, like a time travelling Hang maniac, (in this method as thought up by user ‘MusiChameleon’), even though the official PANArt website was discontinued, and closed down long ago, take a peek at it, and learn about PANArt, and the development of the Hang, as told in the early days of its creation.

Learn about the ‘PANG’ instruments, learn about the research that led to the creation of the Hang, and learn about ‘Sabina Schärer’, and ‘Felix Rohner’, the Hang makers. And lots more. As you travel back to the year 2001. To read about PANArt in the kind of depth, that it's rare to find anywhere else online, these days.
The Official PANArt Website - As Per 2001

[Update - July, 2013] After being closed for 10+ years the official PANArt website has now reopened.
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