Zen Tambour Case for Sale - Meet the ‘Zen Barrier’

While many Zen Tambour owners use a cymbal case to transport their Zen, if you’ve been looking for something a little more special, and custom-made, to keep your beloved tambour in pristine condition, at home, or while travelling, a Zen Barrier could be just what you’ve been searching for.

We’re not sure if these are made by ‘Steve ‘Spike’ Finch’, (creator of the Zen Tambour), whether the makers have any direct affiliation with Spike, or if this is an independent effort, put forth by a Zen Tambour owner who created one to protect their own Zen, and then decided to share the love. But either way, the Zen Barrier is a handmade custom designed protective carrying case, constructed with a soft fleece interior, and a heavy-duty water-resistant outer shell. And with a combination of handles, and shoulder straps, for easy transportation. 

So if you’re a Zen Tambour owner, who’s been looking for just such a thing, you can go take a peek over at the Zen Barrier website: HERE.
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