Zen Tambour for Sale

A relative of the ‘Tank’ drum, the ‘Zen Tambour’ is the handcrafted percussion instrument created by ‘Steve "Spike" Finch’. And is an instrument that boasts completely customisable and personalised sound depth, artwork, and finish.
One of the most popular (and most beautiful) steel tongue drum, the Zen Tambour are considered as much 'works of art', as they are musical instruments.  Which unfortunately means, that as with most of the HandPan, the Zen Tambour also (at time of writing), has a considerable waiting list.

Costing around $500 the Zen Tambour is internally dampened with a resonator installed within to increase the instruments volume, and help produce a warmer tone.  Qualities that have, among others, led to the Zen Tambour being considered at the top of its league among many steel tongue drum collectors.
Hand-made, hand-painted, buffed, and waxed, Zen Tambour are offered for sale over at the Exotic Vessels website: HERE.

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