‘The Roswell Incident’ - New Hang CD for Sale

With a name inspired by the UFO shape of the hang, the ‘Roswell Incident’ is a ten track album of hang music recorded by the musician ‘Randy Granger’.
Transporting the listener on a journey of sound exploration through Hang drum rhythms Randy Granger with the Roswell Incident weaves his way through a myriad of moods, simple and complex both, as he carries you away with his lullaby beats and tribal rhythms. In addition to the Hang the Roswell Incident also features such instruments as the Native American Flute, and the Didgeridoo, accompanied by Randy Granger's inspiring vocal harmonies.

Featuring tracks with such names as 'Mi Corazon', 'Lavendar Lover Lullaby', and 'Solstice' (see video), the Roswell Incident can be purchased and enjoyed from Amazon: The Roswell Incident
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