The Hang (Drum) Hits Soundcloud - Check Out the Tunes

Established in August 2007, ‘Soundcloud’, is an audio distribution platform that allows musicians to collaborate, promote, and distribute their music.  Originally designed only to allow musicians to share tracks with each other, Soundcloud grew quickly into a fully featured distribution platform, that offers all music makers from bedroom composers to record labels the tools to promote their tunes online.  And Soundcloud has not been left untouched by the recent musical phenomenon and sound sculpture known simply as the ‘Hang’ (or Hang drum).  Making Soundcloud the perfect place to go and check out musicians from around the world putting their Hangs to work, and to enjoy their euphoric creations.

Examples of some of the great Hang music being shared over at Soundcloud include:

"CROSSINGS" (2010)- Doumbek/Hang Drum (Zamir Dhanji) Flute/Beatbox/Vocals (Rahul B) by Cardamonics

Hang impromptu by kronsilds

To hear more, or perhaps to even upload and share your own tracks, go visit Soundcloud.
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