The DreamBall - The Russian Made ‘Hang’ (Drum) Alternative

Made in Russia and marketed as an alternative to PANArts Hang, the ‘DreamBall’, is a unique acoustic instrument produced from a light metal alloy featuring a special ‘sputtering’, that results in a sound unique to the DreamBall.

With a stylish design and clear pronounced tonal zones the DreamBall is currently available in the following three scales:

• FGA # CDD # FG
• GA # BCDD # F G.

Deftaudio are a creative union of musicians located in ‘Nizhny Novgorod’ the fourth largest city in Russia, and are a team with a proven track record from concept to realization, of successfully bringing their creations to life in the workshop. And if you can speak a little Russian (or can use an online transaltor), you’ll find the DreamBall available to order priced at roughly $600, at the Deftaudio website, HERE.
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