Buy Hang Drum for Less than $1 Online

OK, so it’s not a real Hang ‘drum’ as produced by the Swiss company ‘PANArt’, but for those who grow impatient of waiting, or wouldn’t even know where to begin trying to lay their hands on a real Hang, this is the very next best thing.
They say there's an App for everything these days, and if you're lucky enough to own an Apple iPhone, you're in luck. Because for the tiny sum of only 99c, you can now forget about having to drag your lazy ass over to Switzerland, and forget about twiddling your thumbs as years pass and you never get any closer to the top of the Hangs infamous waiting list. And download one right now.

And surprisingly, the sound is actually very good, and the look is clean and uncluttered, so while they're never going to be as good as getting a real Hang in your hands, for a dollar or two, you're not going to get anything better.

And of course most iPhone apps now also work on the iPad too.  Meaning that while playing this Hang drum simulation on the iPhone may be limiting due to its small size, the iPad utilizes this app to essentially convert itself into a decent sized, playable, virtual Hang.  And the first virtual hand pan.

Buy 'Hang' Drum Style Apps at iTunes: Hang Drum - MagischMeik
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