Don’t Call the ‘Hang’ a ‘Drum’: Or There’ll be Trouble!

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Some Hang musicians/fans are known be notoriously elitist, and cliquey.  An attitude that unfortunately seems to some degree be encouraged by the Hang's creators, ‘PANArt’.  And many who have wandered into one of the Hang's limited online resources, or forum, having only just stumbled across the instrument on YouTube, etc. seeking  information,  and having mistakenly called the Hang a 'drum', will have received an ear-bashing for their troubles.  Usually something along the lines of:

"Please do not refer to the Hang as a drum, every time you do you take one step further away from ever owning one!"

Something that has led most outside of this 'inner circle' to refer to these types of Hang musicians as 'Trustafarians', and/or 'purists', and usually with good reason.

But here at HandPans Magazine we forgive you, because we know that if something looks like a drum, then there's always a pretty good chance that it is one.  But in fact the Hang (and HandPan in general) are a musical instrument of the 'idiophone' class, a group of instruments that create sound primarily by way of the instrument's vibrating, without the use of strings or membranes.


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