Handpan Sound-Dampening Dust Covers

We stumbled across these here at HPM a few months back, thought they were kind of cool, and then got distracted, and moved on to other things.  And it wasn’t until we more recently checked out one of Handpan-legend, Manu Delago’s recent videos (which we’ll embed a little below), in which he makes good use of one of these multi-function sound-dampening dust-covers, that we took pause to give them second-thought.

Made from cotton and elastane, these elasticated Handpan covers not only serve the purpose of keeping the playing-surface of your Handpan dust-free, but they also have an interesting effect on the sound when played through the cover.  As can be seen in the following short video by Elfi and Oona, (who make and sell them)...

And at time of posting they can be purchased for the cost of 35 Euro as part of a Handpan care-kit that also includes a microfiber cloth impregnated with coconut and mineral oils, for helping to keep your Handpan rust free.

And to hear how one of these can be put to great effect to create a different sound for playing, you can take a listen to Manu Delago’s latest video (mentioned above), Mesmer Mesmerising...

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