Rudiments for Handpan - Improve Coordination and Complexity

In many ways the beauty of the Handpan as an instrument, particularly for those without a musical background, is that there is no set way in which the Handpan should be played.  Or in other words, you can place a Handpan in the lap of almost anybody, and without tuition, or training of any kind, it will usually not be long before they are exploring the instrument intuitively, and creating beautiful sounds with very little effort.  

With that said though, there is an increasing amount of media to be found online aimed at helping Handpan musicians improve their skills - some of which is designed specifically for this newer instrument type, and some of which, borrows from the older realm of percussion, and drumming.  Such as “Rudiments”, percussive patterns intended to improve skills like speed, coordination, and complexity.

There ar 40 drum rudiments, ranging from single stroke (right - left - right - left), double strokes (RR - LL - RR - LL), through to such things as paradiddles (RLRR - LRLL).  And you can find a YouTube playlist that teaches these 40 rudiments HERE.

Rudiments for Handpan with David Urban

We recently highlighted David Urban’s series of YouTube Handpan lessons over in the HPM forum, and in this post we’re going to further showcase lessons four, five, and six, which deal specifically with rudiments for Handpan.  And do a great job of elaborating on how rudiments can be applied to the Handpan to increase a player's skill-set…

You can find more Handpan lessons with David Urban over at his YouTube channel HERE.

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