A Choir of Angels - and the Sound of the Handpan

A “Chorus" and/or "Choir" of Angels are terms often used to describe the sound of the Hang / Handpan - and it is a descriptive believed to have originated with Hang-maker, Felix Rohner, himself.  And additionally, in the 2010 PANArt-published Hang Guide, PANArt would again refer to the architecture of the Hang in a similar manner:

‘...getting to know the hang choir. The center is the DING. There are seven voices spread around the dome. If you stimulate this dome at any point, a variegated sound mix will appear. Stronger stimulation opens the sound more. You have entered a room. The inner ear senses a cosmic expanse, the visual sense is weaker and you begin to hear – to hark.’  

Terminology that would strengthen the concept of the Hang’s sound bearing resemblance to a choir. Or more specifically, a choir of Angels.

‘When the morning stars sang together, And all the sons of God shouted for joy’ - Job 38:7

And whether a follower of the Bible, or not, having heard the sounds of the Handpan, quite possibly you can appreciate that kind of imagery - if only in the abstract.

And if you've ever wondered what a choir of Angels might sound like, the following video purports to have captured exactly that...

And for those who prefer their choirs of singing Angels a little more Earth-born, and with some Handpan accompaniment, check out the following videos for some great examples...

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