The Oval Synth App

Back in 2015 we reported on the crowdfunded Handpan-like electronic instrument, the Oval.  And while backers of the Oval’s Kickstarter campaign may have had something of an over-extended wait for their physical units to start making their way out of the workshop doors, and on-wards towards them. In the meantime, the Oval team have released the Oval’s accompanying app, for free download over at iTunes.  In addition to being of particular interest to those who are just now beginning to receive their Ovals, those still waiting, and those of us who have been curious about the project since its first announcement, but have yet to part with any money, awaiting videos, and reviews, from early adopters - Oval Synth, will likely also be interest to those looking for a Handpan-style App to play around with on their (and at this point it does appear to be for Apple only) iDevices.  

Beta tester Jakob Haq sings the Apps praises (and it’s worth pointing out at this point that despite Jakob's now outdated disclaimer - the App is now available to all) below...
And YouTube user thesoundtestroom gives Oval Synth a solid dissection…
To download Oval Synth, you can find it over at iTunes: HERE.

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