The 'Klangauge' Steel Tongue Drum - A German Made Hank Drum

Like the ‘Caisa’, and the ‘Sphaira’, the ‘Klangauge’, is another Hang-inspired resonant steel instrument, born from the home of: BMW’s, bratwurst, Beethoven, and good strong beer: Germany. A Hank-style drum, the Klangauge (meaning ‘Sound Eye’), is described by its makers as being ‘the younger brother of the HAPI drum’.

Currently into their third generation (at time of writing), Klangauge drum, feature eight notes tuned in a pentatonic scale, making them (like most Hank) intuitive to play, and suitable for all levels of musician, from beginner to those more experienced. And while the earlier Klangauge Hank were favorably received by all who bought them, the third generation comes sporting some nifty
new features. Not least of which is the magnetic tuning system, that allows the playable scale to be switched between f-major pentatonic, and minor pentatonic-e, at will. Giving you twice as much fun for your money.

Great for drum circles, and jams. Meditation. Therapeutic work. And children love them too. These beguiling steel tongue drum, starting at around €380 ($516), are available for sale from the Klangauge website: HERE.
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