Dante Bucci: Reminiscence and the Hang Drum

If you’ve watched any amount of Hang videos online, you’ve probably come across at least a few by seasoned Hang musician ‘Dante Bucci’. And with his most viewed YouTube performance having received well over a million views (at time of writing), Dante Bucci, stands alongside the likes of: ‘Manu Delago’, and ‘Davide Swarup’, as one of the most recognisable, and one of the most talented Hang musicians around at the moment, sharing this beautiful new instrument with the world, in all its resonant splendour.

Holland born, Dante Bucci, is a regular within the Philly music scene. And while lesser Hang players coax only the ambient/meditative beats from the Hang that come natural to it, Dante Bucci, is a little more progressive, composing complete, solid, and structured songs, that make his music stand out from the rest. And whether playing solo or with a band, Dante Bucci’s compositions often blaze with an Indie-Rock twist, that really shines through on the tracks like ‘Hang Funk’ from his EP ‘Reminiscence’. While the title track from the EP is more drifting and dreamy, a euphoric soul soother, that has left over eight-hundred-thousand viewers wishing that they too could play the Hang, and play it with the same skill that Dante Bucci demonstrates with his playing. Arguably pushing the capabilities of the Hang further than any other musician (to date).
You can preview and purchase Dante Bucci's EP 'Reminiscence' : HERE.
Or alternatively, you can visit his website: HERE, or you can check out his music over at last.fm: HERE

[Update] Read our interview with Dante Bucci (by Colin Foulke): HERE
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