Laura Inserra - Hang: A Collection of Works

Another highlight from our ever expanding collection of Hang music, is the work of Sicily born, ‘Laura Inserra’. A talented (and beautiful) musician, who demonstrates the beauty of the PANArt Hang, at its purest. A multi-instrumentalist performer, and composer, Laura Inserra, in addtion to the Hang also plays the: bass, soprano sax, classical flute, and a wide variety of ethnic percussion instruments. And for the past 15 years, Laura Inserra, has both written, and performed songs for use within theatre, dance exhibitions, movie soundtracks, and has even founded her own multidisciplinary, internationally performing, arts company, ‘SAMAVESHA’.

And it is Laura Inserra’s beautiful
album, ‘HANG - A Collection of Works’, that currently flows forth from our media player, bringing with it the lullaby soundscapes of ‘One Day’, the faster paced, exotic sounding ‘Sogno’, and the rawer ‘Improv with Two Hang’. Centering, and relaxing me. Meaning that whatever plans I had for the rest of the afternoon are now, not going to happen. As I make myself comfortable, close my eyes, concentrate on the music, and prepare to peacefully drift away for awhile.

You can preview and purchase Laura Inserra’s album: HERE
Or alternatively, you can go and find out more about her, over at her own website: HERE.
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