Visit the Hanghaus - Home of the PANArt Hang

While we’re not expecting an invitation to visit the ‘Hanghaus’ ourselves anytime soon, having referred to the ‘Hang’ as a ‘Drum’ (amongst other crimes), on far too many occasions. If you’re still one day hoping to make the visit to PANArt, to meet the Hang makers ‘Felix Rohner’ , and ‘Sabina Schärer’, yourself, at their home/workshop in Bern, Switzerland.  And hopefully return home with your own Hang.. You may well be interested in reading the following account documenting ‘Maia’s’ visit to the ‘Hanghaus’ (Hang House), to do just that.

The only place in the world where you might at times find more Hanghang than you could ever possibly dream
of, all in one location, the Hanghaus, is the now world famous home of what has in recent years become something of a musical enigma, and a much sought after rare treasure. The PANArt Hang,
[EDIT] The original article was removed by the author - Instead, take a virtual visit to the Hanghaus: HERE.  And/or read about Portico Quartet's visit to the Hanghaus: HERE, and about Familienvater's visit: HERE
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