The ‘Vibe Drum’ - The Double-Sided Hank Drum

While ‘DrumVibe LLC’, make several models of Hank-style drum, all of which make up the family known as ‘Vibe Drums’. It is the companies ‘Double-sided’ Vibe drum that really stands out as something groundbreaking, and something not offered (at the time of writing) by any of their competitors. (Update: Since writing double-sided Hank are now offered by other makers too).

Created by ‘Martin Issac’, the double-sided vibe drum features two playable surfaces, containing a full seventeen tuned metal tongues, and eighteen playable notes, in all. Meaning that you can essentially acquire two differently tuned Vibe drums, in one unit. Needing only to flip the drum over, to open up a whole new world of play. Or flip it on its side, and play both in a complimentary fashion.

Hand-made from custom
produced steel shells, the Vibe drum, undergo a variety of heat treatments, and tuning processes, to help guarantee a steady and dependable tone, is produced by the finished Vibe drum. Before finally undergoing a ‘7-step’ painting process, to furnish the Vibe drum with the quality finish, that makes the Vibe drum a pleasure to look at, as well as a pleasure to play.

You can find Vibe drum for sale over at the DrumVibe website:HERE.
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