The ‘Taranga’ Drum - The British Made Steel Tongue Drum

Finally some great news for those from the UK, who’ve been looking to purchase a Hank-style drum, but begrudge paying the often high postage costs required to ship one in from abroad. Meet the ‘Taranga’ drum, a British made steel tongue drum, that combines a top-notch build quality, with a beautiful, and distinctly oriental-sounding, singing voice.

‘Taranga’, means: ‘colorful waves of joy and enthusiasm’, in Sanskrit, the primary ‘Holy’ language of Hinduisim, and Buddhism. And true to its name, the Taranga drum allows the player to create, and ride: ‘colorful, magickal waves of music’. And featuring six precisely tuned metal tongues/notes, the Taranga drum, are tuned to pentatonic scales used by the ‘Fuke’ sect of Zen Buddhism, the Monks of which were famous for their playing of on the ‘Shakuhachi Flute’
, as a form of meditation.  And like most Hank tuned to a pentatonic scale, the Taranga, are an intuitive instrument, that can be picked up and played by beginner and those more experienced alike. With practise to develop the players own unique style being far more important than any conventional tuition.

Made from sixty percent recycled materials, being one-hundred percent recyclable, weighing in at roughly three kilos, and with a diameter of roughly one foot, the Taranga, with their unique tonal color, are currently selling at the price of £150.00 (including stand and mallets), and you can find them for sale at the Taranga website: HERE
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