Vimana Drum - JicuriDrum - Mexican Made Hank Drums

Originally mistaken for a potential new Handpan, the ‘Vimana Drum’, is an interesting creation indeed.  Because while haven taken the shape common to the Hang, and handPans in general, the Vimana drum is not actually a HandPan, but is instead, a Hank/Steel Tongue Drum.  And part of a family of Mexican made Hank drums, known as the, ‘JicuriDrum’.

Born from the Hands of Mexican researcher and musician, ‘Abraham Castro’, the JicuriDrum were the result of years of long study with Tibetan Bells, Alchemecial metals, and Hand drums.  And they make up one of the most beautiful, eclectic, and colorful collections of Hank drum yet discovered.

Available in a nice selection of scales, and available in four
different models: The Jicuridrum Tank/Hank drum in small, medium, and large.  Plus the Hang reminiscent, Vimana drum.  And starting at only $120, for a small Jicuri, and with the larger Vimana drum costing $385.  The JicuriDrum are a fairly reasonably priced collection of drums.  And while with its more metallic Hank style singing voice, the Vimana, should not be confused with a HandPan, despite its appearance. Its sound is far from unpleasant.  And like all well-made Hank, it boasts its own beauty, and charm.

For more information you can visit the JicuriDrum website: HERE.

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