HandPans of the World

While browsing the web earlier this evening I stumbled across an excellent little resource of infinite usefulness, for anybody with an interest in all things Hang, and HandPan. A Google map called ‘HandPans of the World’, which describes itself as being, ‘an ever growing map of where in the world you might find a HandPan’.  And this is one Google map that certainly lives up to its title and description, both.
[EDIT] Unfortunately the useful version of this map as described within the remainder of this post seems to have been taken down, and has been replaced with a far less useful version that is now only available on the Zen Tambour site :( Should you still wish to, and for what it's worth, you can check it out: HERE.
Listed at the top of the map are all the main HandPan makers, from the Hang, to the Spacedrum. And clicking on each link will then move you to the country of origin/best known address, and then provide you with such things as YouTube videos, and links to the relevant websites. Lower down are listed HandPan specific events, such as the Hangout UK, the UK based festival of the Hang and general HandPan get-together held at Mellow Farm.
And then finally, in case you’re looking for someone to jam with, or just to have a natter about HandPans over a few beers with at your local, you can search the map for fellow HandPan players in your country. And while you can’t message your fellow HandPan players directly via the map (as far as I can tell), at this point in time. I’m guessing that this little beauty was put together by the ever knowledgeable peeps over at HandPans.org (as I recognise some of the names), by far the best HandPans resource (and community) on the net.  So you can probably find them all hanging out over: HERE, if you'd like to pop over and introduce yourself.
So in summary, 'HandPans of the World' Google Map = A great resource. And one that will most likely grow even more useful with time as/if new additions are made to it (so it's definitely one worth bookmarking for future reference).
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