Chrome Caisa Drum for Sale

While the standard Caisa handpan comes in the color of natural blue metal, Bill Brown, and the rest of the crew at Kaisos Steel Drums, have since the birth of the Caisa expressed a deep interest in and a commitment to, the evolution of their baby.  So that following on from the introduction of the new generation Caisa drum, the Caisa group, and the Caisa Backpac, Kaisos steel drums have followed through on their desire to produce the Caisa in a variety of alternate finishes, by making available for sale, the new ‘Caisa Chrome’.

While it’s obvious from looking at the new Chrome Caisa that this new finish adds a certain amount of increased aesthetic appeal (depending upon your tastes), but in addition to the decorative qualities of chrome plating, it can also increase corrosion resistance,
increase surface hardness, ease cleaning procedures, and most importantly with regards to the Caisa, can have an interesting effect upon its sound (see video).

Currently priced at 1090€ ($1492), Caisa HandPans are available from the Kaisos Steel Drums eBay store: .

Or alternatively, you can visit the official Caisa website: HERE.
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