Building a Hank Drum - Where to Buy a New Propane Gas Tank

One of the first questions people ask when setting out to build their own Hang drum inspired Hank drum, as per Dennis Havlena’s instructions, is “where can I buy a suitable propane gas tank?” The recommended propane gas tank for use in constructing a ‘standard’ Hank drum is a 20 pound steel propane cylinder, of the type used to fuel such devices as a barbecue/grill.
WARNING: It is important that you use only a brand new / never used propane tank when attempting to build a Hank drum.  Even if a used tank appears to be empty, it may still contain residue gas.  And an exploding propane tank caused by a spark igniting leftover gas can be a very dangerous thing indeed.

You will also require: Saber Saw, Pipe Wrench, Electric Drill, Vise Grip

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