Manu Delago and Shpongle - “You’ve Been Shpongled!”

If you like your music downtempo, ambient, and accompanied by psychedelic light shows, then the ‘Shpongle’ live show, might be right up your street. Especially when you learn that the incredibly talented Hang musician and aficionado ‘Manu Delago’, often plays as a guest musician with the outfit, at these live audio/visual extravaganza.  Gathering around them the kind of mystique that has in the past been reserved for performers such as ‘The Doors’, and other artists, who have provided their audience with something more than just music to listen to, but instead offer, a genuinely unique and memorable experience.  The Shpongle live shows are (at time of writing) one of those little known secrets, waiting to explode upon the world.

With their core members consisting of: ‘Simon Posford’
(aka ‘Hallucinogen’) and ‘Raja Ram’ (one third of the ‘Infinity Project’), Shpongle mix the sounds of Eastern ethnic instruments with contemporary Western synthesiser based sounds. And their live shows featuring the likes of Manu Delago, Harry Escott (on bass), Dick Trevor (keyboards), and accompanying dance performers, are fast become legendary within the psychedelic ambient trance scene.

Formed in 1996 after the core members witnessed a solar eclipse, and then hit the studio to try and replicate the experience in sonic form, which resulted in a twenty minute track entitled (rather fittingly) ‘And the Day Turned to Night’. And since then Shpongle have recorded four albums (to date): ‘Are You Shpongled?’, ‘Tales of the Inexpressible’, ‘Nothing Lasts. . But Nothing Is Lost’, and ‘Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland’.

To experience the magic of Shpongle for yourself, you can preview and purchase their albums: HERE.

Or alternatively, you can visit Shpongle at MySpace: HERE.
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