TankDrums - Great Handmade Hank Drums for Sale

I’m a little ashamed to admit, that the first time I came across these ‘TankDrums’ for sale on eBay, I paid them little attention.  Mainly because, and their creator seems willing to admit this, at first glance, they look a little ugly.  And that was my mistake.  Because as we all know, looks can be misleading, and even the Hang itself when first seen resembles little more than a garbage can lid (so some say).  But when heard looks become unimportant, which is exactly how it should be with an instrument, and these classic Tankdrums built from empty propane gas tanks, have a singing voice that their maker(s) should rightly be proud of.

Based upon the designs of ‘Dennis Havlena’’, inventor of the ‘Hank’ drum (a Hang drum inspired invention) these TankDrums are handmade from the kind of propane gas tanks you might find sitting underneath your barbecue.  Hand cut,
hand tuned, and hand finished, TankDrums feature a central bass pad surrounded by (usually) eight to ten notes, and undergo heating treatment to promote optimum sound quality, with harmonious overtones.  And they really do sound great.

And after listening and with a keener eye, even their aesthetic appeal is not as unappealing as it initially seemed, hiding within their paintwork an eclectic mix of symbols that give these hank drum a dose of mystique that without closer inspection, would possibly be lost to the eye.

All-in-all, I’d have to say that these drums sound awesome.  They may not have the polished look of the Hapi or the 1tone Eclipse, instead offering a more rustic charm.  But they certainly have the sound.  And with an instrument like the Hank drum, you gotta ask yourself, which is more important?

You can check out these great Tankdrums for sale:
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