Tribal Thunder's 'Oscar' Drum - The Drum of the Warriors Roadway

Looking to purchase a professionally made Hank drum with a unique sound, a spiritual side, and a social conscience? Then you could do worse than checking out the ‘Oscar’ drum, produced by ‘Tribal Thunder. At roughly twelve inches across and six inches high, the Oscar drum is available in a wide variety of finishes, is handcrafted, and features between six and eight hand tuned tongues/notes.

And while certain claims found around the internet stating that the Oscar ‘sounds better than the Hang’ may be a little overly optimistic, the Oscar and the Hang are very much two different beasts, and as such should not really be compared in that manner. And it’s fair to state that the Oscar drum does indeed boast its own unique and beautiful voice, that is certainly up there amongst the best of the growing list of commercially
available Hank drums now available.

With tones more bell-like than the Hang, and its inspired HandPans, the Oscar drum costs (at time of writing), around $500. Almost twice as much as a MILLTONE Hank. But with Tribal Thunder’s claim that the Oscar is ‘The Original’ and their warning of ‘Don’t be fooled by their imitators’, is the Oscar worth the extra dollar? Only you can decide, depending upon both your budget, and perhaps more importantly, which drum calls out to you to play it.

You can find more information on the Oscar at the Tribal Thunder website: HERE.
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