Matt Venuti and the Venusians - Music from the Hangisphere

The latest artists to make it onto our Hang music radar, and our MP3 playlist, are ‘Matt Venuti and the Venusians’. a group of ambient / atmospheric musicians led by ‘Matt Venuti’, a multi-instrumentalist composer based in San Francisco.

And it was the beautifully poignant song ‘The Yolanda Trail’ (presumably named after the hiking trail found on the north side of ‘Mount Tamalpais’, Marin County, California), with the PANArt Hang at its center, that made us sit up and pay attention. Accompanied by various other assorted instruments, and what might possibly be the ‘Electronic Valve Instrument’, that Matt Venuti is also well known for playing, the song comes from the groups latest album ‘Hangisphere’.

Featuring ten tracks, Hangisphere, mixes the haunting
and emotional, with the more upbeat and playful. With tracks like the aforementioned ‘The Yolanda Trail’, and ‘The Lydian Passage’, containing a thoughtful meditative quality, while overall, Hangisphere, is a pretty upbeat album, with songs like ‘Elephunk’ and ‘Naked Moonlight’, urging you to get your groove on.  Earning Matt Venuti and the Venusians, a place amongst the likes of: Portico Quartet, Manu Delago, Davide Swarup, and Wadhom, on our current favorites list.

You can preview and purchase the album Hangisphere: HERE
Or alternatively, you can visit the Venusians website: HERE. Or check them out over at HERE.
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