Davide Swarup - Music for Hang

The Hang is the type of instrument that will sound relatively good, even in the most poorly skilled of hands, however, as with all instruments, it takes a musician with that little something extra, who forms a bond with their weapon of choice, and who lets it inside of themself, to really be able to make it sing.  And if there was ever an early contender deserving of the title of the first ‘Rock Star’ of the Hang, then ‘Davide Swarup’ is surely it.

And while bringing the Hang and its music to the masses may not be his intention, Davide Swarup, has both the look, and the skills necessary to appeal to both an alternative, and to a more mainstream audience, with songs that are just that, songs, rather than the repetitive slow paced melodic melodies aimed more towards meditation, than listening to for pleasure, that his contemporaries often produce.  So that with his album ‘Music for Hang’, Davide Swarup gives us a taste of this beautiful instrument at its finest, mixing slowed-down dreamy beats, with fast-paced tribal dance-floor hooks and rhythms, that push the Hang that little bit further.

It is inevitable now, that sooner or later an album or song is going to be released that brings the Hang (and HandPans in general) to the attention of the music buying masses, and while this may be to the dislike of all those who have struggled hard to hide the Hang away and keep it for themselves, somebody is going to be riding that wave.  And while ‘Music for Hang’ is not that album, it comes close, meaning that when the time comes, perhaps with a future release, Davide Swarup is (currently) most likely to become to the Hang what Louise Armstrong was to the trumpet, or Ray Charles Robinson was to the piano, meaning that with time, Davide Swarup, could well become known as the first true superstar of the Hang.
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