Tipper - Bringing the Hang Drum to the Electronic Music Scene

British music composer, ‘Tipper’, well known for his inventive and eclectic DJing, and electronic music releases, has in recent years built around him a growing army of fans, won with earlier releases such as ‘Holding Pattern’, and ‘Tertiary Noise’. And Tipper’s new album ‘Broken Soul Jamboree’ doesn’t disappoint, and is easily counted amongst his best work to date. 

Bringing together a diverse mixture of sounds inspired by his lifetimes obsession with weird and wonderful instruments, Tipper, blends them with mastery, to create something worth far more than the sum of its parts. Featuring moments of trip-hop, ambient, and even classical, Broken Soul Jamboree, is a twisted melting pot of organic and midi, that displays a new musical maturity for Tipper, that is sure to bolster the numbers of his loyal and growing fan-base.

And it is within the albums final track ‘Ever Drecreasing Circles’, that the Hang drum takes centre stage, to conclude this chaotic masterpiece, by carrying the listener away on a melancholic yet uplifting, voyage to the stars.

Excerpts from the Tipper LP "Broken Soul Jamboree":

Broken Soul Jamboree - Album Revue by tippermusic
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