Where to Get Your Hang (Drum) Tuned

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Following on from my last post concerning buying a second-hand Hang on eBay, and the consequences of doing so, I’d like to take the opportunity to direct any visitors who were either brave, desperate, or foolish enough, to win at auction on eBay, a pre-owned Hang, and what no doubt turned out to be a fairly expensive purchase, the list of steel Pan tuning individuals and businesses that follows, as put together by the website ‘Hotpans.se’.

And I make no guarantees, regarding the ability of anyone listed being able to return your secondhand Hang to its original condition, should you find it delivered out of tune. But should you be unable to return your PANArt Hang to PANArt in Berne, Switzerland, due to their policy of generally refusing to re-tune Hanghang these days. Or should it not be economical to ship your Bali steel pan all the way back home when in need of re-tuning, then the following list seems like as good a place as any, to start seeking out alternative options.

List of International Steel Pan Makers and Tuners

Update - The following tuners are known to have re-tuned Hang (and other HandPan):

Kyle Cox of Pantheon Steel (America)
Robbie at Mannette Musical Instruments (America)
Eckhard C. Schulz of E.C.S Steel Drums (Germany)
Darren Dyke of PanCycle (Brussels)

[Update 2015]  Now that there are a sizeable number of HandPan makers around the world, it would make more sense to find and contact your nearest HandPan maker to seek advice, or services (if offered]. Rather than contacting your local steel pan tuner - who may not have experience with the more specialised HandPan form.

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