Amazing Homemade Hang Alternatives

Being unable to obtain and play a genuine PANArt Hang drives some people to incredible lengths in a bid to reproduce the sound and/or style of what is fast becoming one of Switzerland's most famous inventions. And whatever your beliefs regarding PANArts policies for the distribution of their instruments, and the elitist like cliques that have formed around it, there is no denying the beauty of the instrument itself (or ‘Sound Sculpture’ as PANArt would have you call it). And due to the fact that demand exists for the Hang with no supply to quench its thirst, people, as they always will, have drawn upon their skills both technical and creative, to bring to life their own sound sculptures.  And you would need to look far and wide to find a man more deserving of the title “King of the homemade Hang alternative’ than ‘David Havlena’, a man who has gone above and beyond, in his quest to build Handpan inspired instruments from the likes of PVC tubing, golf balls, and guitar strings.
For more information and/or to learn how to build his creations for yourself you can visit his website: Here.
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