MILLTONE Steel Tongue Drums

There’s no denying that MILLTONE make a great Hank (style) drum.  In fact, they’re arguably the best ‘all-round’ steel tongue drum currently available for purchase.  They look great, they sound great, they’re well made, they’re reasonably priced, and they’re relatively easy to obtain.

MILLTONE are a U.S. based company that produce quality hand crafted instruments suitable for both amateur and professional musicians alike. And with their unique sound and revolutionary magnetic tuning system, MILLTONE steel tongue drums (created by master craftsman ‘Larry Miller’) have found favor the world over with those seeking an innovative instrument that is not only a pleasure to play, but that also offers a sound suitable for all levels of play, from bedroom jams, to studio productions.

And as mentioned 
above, MILLTONE steel tongue drums allow the musician to (using inbuilt magnets) re-tune their drum themselves, which offers a very real advantage over some of their competitors, which may involve a long-drawn-out and costly procedure to get re-tuned.

And the additional benefit of purchasing a MILLTONE, should you purchase it via eBay.  Is that their listings are extremely thorough.  Providing potential customers with everything they could possibly want to know about their instruments prior to purchase.  Including a YouTube video of the exact MILLTONE steel tongue drum that you’re considering bidding on.  Allowing you to see, and more importantly, listen to, the exact instrument you could end up playing yourself.  Seriously reducing the risk of that disappointment factor, that sometimes accompanies purchases made online, when they’re finally delivered.
Or alternatively, you can visit the MILLTONE website for: MORE INFORMATION
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