Bern, Switzerland, Home of the PANArt Hang

With its official language being German, Bern, was established on the banks of the river ‘Aar’ in 1191, by the German nobleman named, ‘Berthold V’, who allegedly named the city after the bear that he’d recently killed. Lying on the Swiss plateau in the Canton of Bern, the area is home to mount ‘Gurten’ (958m) and mount ‘Bantiger’ (947m), is 51.62 square kilometers in size, and has a population of 123,466 (Dec, 2009).

And in addition to being the birthplace of the Hang, Bern’s medieval city center is also a world heritage site, home to the ‘Time Bell’, an elaborate medieval clock with moving puppets, the ‘Munster’,
an impressive 15th century Gothic cathedral, and is home to one of the longest covered shopping promenades in Europe.
And for some ‘Bern’ (also called ‘Berne’) the fifth most populous city of Switzerland, is like the destination of a religious pilgrimage, and a mecca, for lovers of the ‘Hang’, the sound sculpture and instrument produced by Felix Rohner’ and ‘Sabina Schärer', A duo of master craftsmen who dedicated over 30 years to the creation and perfection of their baby, the ‘Hang-Hang’’, the first HandPan, and an instrument  that has left musicians the world over dreaming, of the day they're called to Bern.

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