Wadhom - Didgeridoo / Hang Drum (LIVE)

Being without a doubt one of the best nine dollars I’ve ever spent on an audio download to date, ‘Wadhom’, is the ‘live’ album recorded by a group of musicians who we can but assume go by the same name. Composed primarily on the didgeridoo and the Hang, this beautiful collection of music is both tribal and contemporary, pure enough to please those seeking meditation, yet eclectic and fast-paced enough to act as the soundtrack to any chilled-out gathering.

At over fifty minutes long and featuring nine tracks, each more enriching than the last, Wadhom, not only ‘attempts’ to merge the music of the worlds oldest
known instrument (the didgeridoo), with one of the worlds newest (the Hang) perfectly, it succeeds on all fronts. And when you throw into the mix some additional percussion and a little folksy violin, you end up with what is truly a masterpiece of modern music, and a gem sure to be treasured by all who tread the beat of Wadhom, and by all who drift away to this ear orgasmic audio trip.
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