Bali Steel Pan - The Indonesian-Made HandPan / ‘Hang Drum' Alternative

(!) This post may now be out of date - but has been left published for archive purposes.  It may still prove to be of interest, but some (or all) details may now be out of date (!).

The creation of, ‘Chris Anderson’, ‘I Ketut Suda’, and ‘I Neghah Resna’, the Bali Steel Pan (often referred to simply as a ‘Bali’), is another (relatively speaking) established member of the HandPan family. Made in Bali, Indonesia, the Bali Steel Pan, is a non-nitrided HandPan, constructed in the manner of traditional ‘Steel Pan’, from 55 gallon steel oil drums. Originally available in only three scales, the Bali Steel Pan is now (at time of writing) available in around twelve scales, with popular scales including the ‘Shang Diao’, and the ‘Kokin Joshi’. And to my ear, the Bali Steel Pan’s voice retains much of the exotic feel, associated with the country of its birth.

Field reports suggest that the workshop in which Bali are made, is far removed from the ‘high-tech’ premises of the likes of Pantheon Steel (Halo makers), employing more traditional artisan techniques, and a strong hammer arm. And it’s also possible (though contacting the maker in advance is of course advisable) to collect your HandPan while visiting Bali (a great excuse for a holiday, if ever there was one).

Priced at $1200 (at time of writing). And believed to have a considerable waiting list (one year plus at last estimate). Bali Steel Pan can be ordered via the official ETSY store: HERE, or from the Bali Steel website: HERE
* You can read a review of a Bali Steel Pan Gong Diao: HERE (as per 2012).
* Stay away from 'Ding Bending'.
* See how a Bali sounds played side-by-side with a PANArt Hang: HERE

* Should you be considering traveling to Bali to collect your pan, according to one who has made the journey, "Hire a driver, go to Bangli, and ask for Manuk, a small town close by. Workshop is just north of the village I believe."

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