Kool Drums - Funky Steel Tongue Drum for Sale

Created by professional sound engineer 'Jimmy James’, child of the 60’s, and ex Londoner currently residing in France, 'Kool Drum', Steel tongue drums, have come a long way since their early days as a traditional 'Hank drum' - made from recycled propane tanks. And are now produced using custom-made (pressed steel) shells. . Hand-made with love and care, Kool Drums undergo three separate stages of tuning, and feature a unique damper, which really brings together the sympathetic frequencies, resonating in perfect harmony.
Available at time of writing in three different models: eight note, nine note, or an epic eighteen note model. Numerous scales, and note layouts. Kool Drums are perfect for jammin', busking, meditation, and healing work, Kool Drums, with their stylish exterior, and pleasing tones, are great either played alone, or as an accompaniment (perhaps played with HandPan as in the video by 'Singing Steel', above-right). 
With prices starting (at time of writing) at 295 Euro (roughly $380) - for more information, and/or to purchase a Kool Drum, you can visit the makers website: HERE
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