The 'Sphaira' - The German Made Hank Drum

[Update] Website closed / videos removed - it appears that the Sphaira is no more...

OLD POST - Meet the ‘Sphaira’, the German made Hank drum produced by ‘pronaam’. A nine tongued hank/steel tongue drum made from a thin sheet of stainless steel. Unfortunately though, not being able to speak German, and having found the Google translation somewhat confusing, I can tell you very little about the Sphaira drum, and do little more than point you in their general direction.
Larger than the average hank/steel tongue drum, the Sphaira drum has a diameter of 45cm, and weighs roughly 5 pounds, placing it in the same league (size wise) as the Zen tambour, or even a HandPan. And despite the Hang and the HapiDrum
both having taken the nickname/name of the ‘UFO’, the Sphaira drum made from stainless steel (in my opinion) looks even more like a UFO than either of the aforementioned, and like most Hank, being tuned in pentatonic scales, are intuitive, and can be played by both beginners and professional musicians alike. And having listened to the sound samples provided, in my opinion, they sound really good. And I’m more than a little tempted to purchase one for myself.
The Sphaira drum is (at time of writing) available tuned to the following scales: C minor Penta, Pygmy C, and C Akebono. And they can be purchased from pronaam’s website: HERE.
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