What is a 'Hank' Drum? - The Hang Drum Inspired Invention of Dennis Havlena

If you don't know what a 'Hank' drum is then you're probably not alone, with most people only discovering them following a trail of breadcrumbs leading back to them, from an initial search online for information regarding the 'Hang' drum. Invented by ‘Dennis Havlena’ in 2007, born from an at least partial frustration at being unable to procure a PANArt Hang, the Hank drum is an instrument constructed from an empty propane gas tank, that mixes the characteristics of the Tambiro, with the layout of the Hang, to produce an instrument type with a singing voice that at times, is as equally beautiful, as the hard-to-find Swiss made instrument that inspired its creation.
With a name formed by combining the words ‘Hang’ and ‘Tank’ (for obvious reasons), a Hank drum is a relatively easy to make instrument formed from an empty propane tank, with a varying number of tuned steel tongues (usually between six and twelve) cut radially into its surface, that as Dennis Havlena himself states: if you can tune a guitar, and use a few basic tools, YOU CAN
build this drum.
Also known by the names: ‘Tank drum’ and/or ‘Steel Tongue Drum’’, Hank drums can either be homemade following the instructions generously uploaded by Dennis Havlena (see links at end), or can be purchased in one of its now commercially available forms, such as the ‘Zen Tambour’, the ‘HAPI Drum’, and the ‘1TONE Eclipse’, all of which have taken the original Hank drum design and made it their own, to produce Hank drum variations each with their own unique design, and signature voice.
In addition to the Hank drum, Dennis Havlena, has also built a variety of other Hang drum inspired instruments, from the likes of guitar strings, golf balls, and PVC tubing. You can check them out: HERE
Or alternatively, If you're feeling suitably inspired to build your own Hank drum, you can check out Dennis Havlena's detailed instructions, notes and guide: HERE

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