How to Build a Hang Drum - Virtually

Making a ‘virtual’ Hang drum is easy.  Although not necessarily cheap, or effective.  But seeing as we didn’t get a new PANArt Hang for Christmas, but did get the opportunity to mess around on a friends new iPad, we decided to make the best of a bad situation, and ‘build’ a virtual Hang drum, by downloading onto the iPad one of the Hang drum apps we discovered available for download a few months back now.

And while it would be fair to say that few owners of PANArt Hang’s (or any other HandPan for that matter) would trade their instrument for a virtual Hang (even with a free iPad thrown into the deal), it was still a lot of fun to play around with (for a short while).  The iPads
perfect touch screen combined with its larger size (than an iPhone) and the ‘relatively’ decent digitally synthesised Hang sound offered by several of these hang drum apps; made this a great way to pass a few hours over Christmas.  Playing what is essentially, the worlds first lap-sized, virtual Hang drum.  Although, fun as it was, if you don’t already own an iPad, or don’t already have one on your wish list, it probably isn’t worth making this your sole reason for buying one.  But should you already own one, go play.

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