The New ‘Baby’ Caisa Drum - ‘BakPac’ Caisa for Buskers and Travellers

Following on from the success of the original Caisa steel handpan, Bill Brown and co. over at Kaisos Steel Drums, have been working hard to perfect and evolve their creation, in order to provide the musicians who come searching with the perfect instrument to suit their needs. Hence ‘Baby Caisa’, also known as ‘Bakpac Caisa’, the new smaller sized Caisa drum designed with the busker and traveller in mind.

Regular sized handpans can be pretty bulky, making them difficult to transport, and even at times, quite tricky to balance firmly within your lap while playing. Both problems that the new BakPac Caisa solves in one go, because with a diameter of only 45cm’s, and weighing in at under three kilos, baby Caisa, can easily be taken away on your travels
with you, enabling you to share its beautiful voice and lift the souls of those around you, wherever you should roam.

Available in two designs, three tunings (C-Pentatonic, C-Minor Pentatonic, and D-Pentatonic), and featuring nine precisely tuned notes, the Caisa BacPac currently costs around the 800 Euro mark ($1050), and takes roughly ten days for your custom made instrument to be produced and sent winging its way, into your eagerly waiting hands.  

Or visit the website for more information: HERE
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