The Hang Drum Monologues - By DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan

While we won't be publishing a post about every single Hang drum video that gets uploaded online, beautiful as the majority are, occasionally one comes along that stands head and shoulders above the average YouTube upload, that does deserve a little nod and a tip of the hat in its general direction, and a few extra eyeballs sent its way.  And one such video is ‘The Hang Drum Monologues’, uploaded to Vimeo by ‘DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan’, teacher, traveller, musician, and poet, whose cinematic musical offering really is a treat for the eyes, ears, and the soul.
Strangely reminiscent of 'The Doors', mixed with a little 'Baz Luhrmann' (Everybody's free to wear sunscreen), a little 'Fight Club' ideology, and more than a little of DreamingBears own flavoring, The Hang Drum Monologues, carries
the listener away on a journey of 'Lovevolution', that starts with some fantastic candlelit Hang playing, accompanied by inspiring verse. before holding your hand and guiding you through the multiverse and beyond, with half beatnik poetry and half self-help video, assuring you that should you search for them, enlightenment and inner peace, are both yours to achieve.
And that's all we'll say about it, because the rest of the journey is yours to experience. So make yourself a coffee, crack open a beer, pour some wine, skin one up, or just sit back, and enjoy this under its own steam. And prepare to be hypnotised, by the audio/visual feast that is: The Hang Drum Monologues.  You can watch the video above, or go and offer DreamingBear your support over at his Vimeo page: HERE.
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