Buy an Evatek HandPan Case from Hardcase Technologies via ETSY

When Handpan players hit up one of the now many and varied online communities in search of recommendations for a decent case to protect their Handpan, one brand is offered up as being the best option, time-and-time again, by those in the know.  And that is the products of Hardcase Technologies.  A company based in Italy, that has been ingrained within the Handpan-world, since near the beginning of the birth of the Instrument type.

While the Handpan cases produced by Hardcase Technologies have undergone a number of evolutionary steps along the way, their current incarnation (at time of posting) is in the form of the Evatek.  And anybody who has followed HCT man Alessio’s journey along the way, enjoying videos of him jumping on, stomping on, flinging, and generally beating the living-daylights out of his cases in any way he can imagine, in a personal quest to design the ultimate Handpan case, will know that this is as much a labour of love, as it is a desire to establish a workable business model.  So you know that despite the many advocates from within the Handpan community who speak very highly of the Evatek range of Handpan cases, arguably the best recommendation worthy of consideration when giving thought to the purchase of an Evatek, is the fact that Alessio himself feels comfortable with its current form.  

Shock resistant in its base form, the Evatek can also be transformed with the purchase of optional Handpan “shields” into a full flight-case.  Is 100% waterproof.  And is available in different sizes to suit different sized Handpan.  In addition to featuring a number of other well thought out design elements that keep the needs of the travelling Handpan player well in mind.  

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