HandPan Tuning Stand / Rings for Sale from NaturePan

In traditional Steelpan making where pans are typically produced from 55-gallon oil barrels, the body of the barrel itself essentially acts as both the stand, and tuning rings for the creation of the instrument.  But with Handpan being made from specially formed steel domes, most commonly known as “shells”, or alternatively as “raw-forms”, something else is required to hold the steel dome (or steel sheet) firm, for the purposes of sinking, shaping, and tuning (as required).

Tuning rings themselves are usually comprised of a pair of metal rings within which the shell or steel sheet are clamped, utilising bolts to hold the steel firmly in place.  And while Handpan makers of varying levels have created for themselves many ingenious solutions for budget-minded tuning over the years, a stand such as those being offered for sale by NaturePan over at ETSY, that holds the tuning rings in a convenient all-in-one form, that allows for convenient 360 degree movement of the shell, for ease of tuning, obviously has its benefits.

And with NaturePan additionally also offering Handpan shells designed specifically for use with their tuning stand, and custom-made Handpan tuning hammers, if you’re looking to source a one-stop Handpan building solution, you might like to take a browse over at NaturePan’s ETSY store: HERE.

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