Play 'Otomata' - Compose Hang-Style Meditation Music Online

While, If I'm being honest, I'm not entirely sure (having only just discovered it) whether there's some kind of task, goal, or hidden objective, that I'm supposed to aim to complete, while playing Otomata. There's no denying, that It is strangely addictive. Clicking on cells at random. To create patterns of roving notes. That flow, and collide, around the grid. Creating meditative tunes, that are based upon, and utilise, the popular Hang scale : D A Bb C D E F A C.
Otomata, was created by, 'Batuhan Bozkurt', a Turkish sound artist, computer programmer, and performer. With a passion for programming computers, to create both music, and art.  A generative sequencer, employing a 'cellular automaton' (don't ask me what that is?) type logic, Otomata, allows users to create their own euphoric beats, simply by selecting cells within the grid, setting the direction in which the notes are to travel, and then pressing play. An act, that ultimately, leads to the quick, and easy creation of, some nicely chilled out, Hang-reminscent compositions.
Lots of fun.
Take a break: Go Play.
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