The Whale Drum - A Giant Amongst Steel Tongue Drums

Found by following a link at the bottom of Dennis Havlena’s webpage on building a Hank drum, come the ‘Whale Drum’.  Giant-sized steel tongue drums that come in a range of sizes, from big, to monstrously huge.  Constructed from recycled propane tanks, upto and including 1000 gallon, ‘hot-dog’ style bulk propane tanks, Whale drums, are truly a giant amongst steel tongue drum.

Created by ‘Jim Doble’, Whale Drum, are especially suitable for use within playgrounds, and museums.  Where their deep, resonant tones, have proven incredibly popular with adults, and children, alike.  Available in a variety of scales, and colorful finishes, prices range from around $400 for the 24” ‘Heavy duty Whale drum’, up to around $1200, for the 36-42” ‘Super heavy Whale drum’.

So if you’re looking for something a little larger than the average Hank, go check out the Whale Drum: HERE.

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