The Hang Music of Janet Spahr - Listen With Your Eyes Closed

Today, I’d like to introduce to our readers, the music of ‘Janet Spahr’, a seasoned, and enthusiastic Hang musician, who’s producing some of the most serenely beautiful Hang music we’ve yet heard. In fact, initially, I found it a little too down-tempo, and 'magickal', for my tastes, but it didn’t take long to hook me, and hypnotise me, with its melodic tranquility, carrying me away, like all good Hang music should, on a journey laid out by the musician, to be experienced by the listener.

And it was no surprise to learn that the Hang music of Janet Spahr forms the soundtrack to a documentary about a fairy festival, as in many ways you can imagine Elven folk, and the like, dancing delicate dances, in beautiful floral woodlands, to the tunes of Janet Spahr.

Having first started playing the Hang back in 2006 (a relatively long time ago considering how recently the Hang was invented), Janet Spahr, has recorded two delightful albums (to date): ‘Hang Suasion’, and, the appropriately titled, ‘Listen With Your Eyes Closed’. That feature Janet on both the Hang, and singing vocals.

And I can personally promise, without reserve, that I’m sure in addition to being ideal for many other situations, the latter album, is perfect to relax and paint to, on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Although, If I’m being honest. While ‘listening with my eyes closed’ proved to be a truly divine experience. Painting with my eyes closed, produced some seriously questionable results...

You can find Listen with Your Eyes Closed for sale, along with other serene offerings from Janet Spahr over at her website: HERE.
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