David Charrier - The Man with the Steel Fists

We’ll be honest here, and say that this post’s title is highly misleading (we just wanted a cool “Kung-fu” style title) - because David Charrier is not some kind of “Hulk Smash!” operation, but instead, his hands dance like butterflies across the surface of the steel, enticing Angels to sing; with the slightest of tickles...

If you were around in the days when the Hang ruled pretty much in a kingdom of one (before the birth of the numerous makes of Handpan available these days), at a time when watching somebody play the Handpan on YouTube, meant watching one of the lucky few hypnotise the masses, into an intense state of both awe, and jealousy, on a PANArt Hang -, you’ll almost certainly be familiar with the sounds of, David Charrier. Quite possibly as one half of Keona (a duo formed with his cousin, Sylvain Paslier) - whose video, Hang Insomniac, has reached over three and a half million views (a fair share of which, we can lay claim to, with it being one of those videos that you’d play over and over and over...).  And his quirky early solo piece, Hang music question answer, has long since been a favourite.

Putting history back in its place though, David Charrier remains one of those Handpan artists, whose name, when you see it pop up in a YouTube video, or a Facebook post, tells you that upon hitting play, you’re going to be in for something special…

To find more from, David Charrier, you can visit his website: HERE (where he also offers lessons). Alternatively, you can find David Charrier at Facebook : HERE.

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