The Baur&Brown Pickup System - For HandPan

The sharing of music, is arguably, just as important, as the creating of it.  The French poet, Victor Hugo, said: “Music expresses that which cannot be put into words”, and with the hugely popular modern day social media sites, such as Facebook, and YouTube, being all about communication - it’s only right that the sharing of music, is vastly more popular than ever.  With messages that could have been formed in no language other than that of music, spreading far-and-wide through the veins of the internet, to reach ears, hearts, and minds, that not so long ago, it would have been close-to-impossible, for your personal brand of sounds to connect with.

"If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

Ask around in the Handpan community for awhile, and you’ll see all manner of recording devices recommended, from the budget-minded Blue Snowball, to more professional solutions, like the Zoom Q8.

However, the following is the first recording/amplification device that we’ve come across, that has been designed, and built, specifically with the Handpan in mind...

The Baur&Brown Pickup system is described as being:

* Specially developed for the amplification and recording of the magical sound of your handpan. We spent a very long time experimenting with different microphones and pickups, untill we at last discovered and developed this optimal system. Our pickup transmits a pure and distortion free  signal  with only a minimal danger of feedback.

* When needed, it can be attached to the handpan in a few seconds and functions without gluing, hole drilling or any kind of adjustment to the instrument and, in the same way, can be quickly removed time and time again.

* The pickup is fitted with a 6.3mm jackplug socket. All you need is a normal guitar cable, and an amplifier. The pickup clings to the handpan without leaving any trace of residue, you plug in and off you go!

* It is of course ideal when playing together with louder instruments.  Just imagine, you can connect your handpan to all kinds of effects, for example: Echo, reverb, flanger,  distortion, wah-wah etc. You can even use a loop station, producing a basic rhythm to which you can improvise.’

For more information, visit the makers website: HERE
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